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Mechanical Product

Wilden Pump

Original made in America by Welden Pumps an ISO 9001:2015 ...

Cast Iron air vent head

Cast Iron air vent head / air pipe head JIS-KS91A-121 ...

Chilling Compressor

We supply wide range of chilling compressors based on ...

Diesel Generator Sets

We provide wide variety of Diesel generator sets ...


We provide wide variety of Compressed air Dryers ranging ...

Electric Chain Block

Standard lift 3-15 m, Capacity 0.5 ton to 5 ton

Electric Chain Hoist

Capacity starting from 0.5 tons to 15 tons.


Available over a range of HP's as per need.

Oil pumps

Available in various specifications as per client need. ...

Screw Compressors

We supply a wide range of reliable, energy-efficient ...


Available in various current ranges

Welding Machines

Voltage: 220 V and 440 V