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Mechanical Product

Wilden Pump

Original made in America by Welden Pumps an ISO 9001:2015 ...

Cast Iron air vent head

Cast Iron air vent head / air pipe head JIS-KS91A-121 ...

Electric Chain Hoist

Capacity starting from 0.5 tons to 15 tons.


We provide wide variety of Compressed air Dryers ranging ...

Electric Chain Block

Standard lift 3-15 m, Capacity 0.5 ton to 5 ton


Available in various current ranges

Screw Compressors

We supply a wide range of reliable, energy-efficient ...

Oil pumps

Available in various specifications as per client need. ...

Welding Machines

Voltage: 220 V and 440 V


Available over a range of HP's as per need.

Chilling Compressor

We supply wide range of chilling compressors based on ...

Diesel Generator Sets

We provide wide variety of Diesel generator sets ...